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Construction Updates

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Earth Works  100%
Excavation Works
Replacement Soil Works
Plain Concrete Works  100%
Foundations Plain Concrete :
Reinforced Concrete Works 
R.C. for Foundations 100%
R.C. for ground floor columns 100%
R.C. for ground floor roof 100%
R.C. for first floor columns 100%
R.C. for first floor roof 100%
R.C. for second floor columns 100%
R.C. for second floor roof 100%
R.C. for third floor columns 63.07%
R.C. for third floor roof 90.38%
Brick Works 
Ground floor bricks 33.84%
First floor bricks 39.23%
Second floor bricks 39.23%
Third floor bricks 39.23%
Internal Plastering Works
Ground floor Plastering 7.31%
First floor Plastering 18.46%
Second floor Plastering 12.31%
Third floor Plastering 9.61%
External Interfaces Works : 0%
External Interfaces Works  4.04% 
Front façade plastering
Back façade plastering
Side façade plastering
Internal Painting Works  3.18%
Ground floor Painting
First floor Painting
Second floor Painting
Third floor Painting

Front façade Painting
Back façade Painting
Side façade Painting
Internal Finishing Works  3.42%
Cornices and fall ceiling works
Ceramic works
Flooring works (HDF)
Internal water and sanitation extenders
Fallceiling Works :  
Ground floor Fallceiling
First floor Fallceiling
Second floor Fallceiling
Third floor Fallceiling