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Architectural Visualization for them isn’t only a career: it is the passion that inspires every day to experiment new horizons of creation. Through thirteen years of practice they have been exposed to many trends, styles and schools of architecture from classicism to contemporary, and from the most articulated to minimalism. Also a wide range of clients and cultures, from Europe to the gulf, and from individual creation to corporate beat, through all of which they spared no effort to deliver beyond their clients expectations.
Together, Tarek Nour and Ahmed Badie; resulting in an insight and branding company creating the best strategic campaigns. Offering every ingredient needed to create an impactful strategic and creative platform whilst drawing upon the vast resources of Omnicom, the World’s largest communication company, to serve clients across the region.
Design studio that offers a multi-disciplinary service in the field of construction; including planning, design and execution of the actual construction works on site with all necessary supervision requirements. One part artist & one part business professional, Spazio Architects studio is well known of having organizational skills and business know-how, as well as great taste and artistic ability.
For the first time in Egypt, a one-stop-shop for all of your kitchen needs is now available. Created in Belgium in 1997, IXINA has grown to become a globally recognized kitchen brand, synonymous for excellence in quality. Providing you with more than 500 kitchen designs, customized to your own personal taste, needs and budget. IXINA Egypt is proud to be collaborating with Dorra Group to provide their customers with the best quality kitchens at the best prices.